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Passport to the Universe

Passport to the Universe
Passport to the Universe

Immersive film at the Planétarium

  • Audience: ages 7 and up
  • Full dome experience
  • Length: 18 min 30 s
  • English narration: Tom Hanks

What is our place in the cosmos?

Passport to the Universe answers that question as it takes you on a journey through the observable universe to explore our “cosmic address.”

This unforgettable voyage reveals the latest scientific discoveries in images of unprecedented realism and accuracy so that you can begin to understand the vastness of the cosmos.

A captivating explanation of fundamental cosmology, Passport to the Universe is always relevant, always educational and always illuminating.

Since its premiere at the Hayden Planetarium in New York, this American Museum of Natural History show has been experienced by millions of viewers around the world. Updated in December 2017, this new version has been completely modernized for today’s audience, with visualizations of the latest scientific data, including more detailed astronomical images and information from the most recent cutting-edge space missions.


  • Voyage from our solar system to the far corners of space that lets you see the transition from our two-dimensional starry sky to three-dimensional interstellar space.
  • Exploration of the Orion Nebula, a stellar nursery where stars are born. All the elements we know were created inside these stars: “We’re all stardust,” as Hubert Reeves puts it.
  • Tour of the Earth’s local group of galaxies, including the Andromeda galaxy, where our Milky Way is just one galaxy among many.
  • Excursion into the extragalactic zoo to observe the structure of the universe by travelling from one galaxy cluster to another.
  • Jump into a black hole to take an imaginary shortcut back to Earth.

Technical Information

  • Producer of original film
    American Museum of Natural History, New York (
  • Producer of remastered version
    American Museum of Natural History, New York ( in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco
  • French adaptation
    Space for Life
  • English narration
    Tom Hanks

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