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Potagers du monde

Potagers du monde
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Potagers du monde, a Jardin Botanique web series

Follow the rising star of the gastronomic pop-up, Camilo Lapointe-Nascimento, as he meets up with six passionate vegetable growers who share their know-how, open a window into their culture, their memories, and the stories behind their crops. Meet...

  • Nora, a pharmacist originally from China, she draws from her wealth of childhood memories and feels challenged by the complementary and preventive contribution of the plants she grows;
  • Nadia in Ville-Marie where this fashion designer originally from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, grows experimental textile plantations;
  • Dominic, a semi-retired physician from Italy who reaps all the benefits of gardening for both mental and physical health;
  • Haja, of Malagasy parents and raised on Reunion Island, for whom identity is developed largely through food and by growing a garden in Ahuntsic-Cartierville.
  • Marc, a native of Cameroon and a lover of the earth who has set up a green roof among the skyscrapers of Griffintown, filled with plants to share;
  • Félicienne, an 82-year-old “magician” gardener from Haiti who cultivates in Laval a tropical garden that is as colorful as it is impressive;

The web series Potagers du monde is broadcast on La Fabrique culturelle (in French), Télé-Québec’s digital cultural platform.

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