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Montréal First City in Canada to Receive GOLD Certification

Montréal, June 14, 2019 - 

The City of Montréal is delighted to announce that it is the very first city in Canada to be granted GOLD status as a monarch-friendly community. This recognition reflects the commitment it made in 2017 under this initiative launched in the United States by the National Wildlife Federation. In Quebec, the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge—Monarch-Friendly Community initiative was introduced thanks to a partnership between the David Suzuki Foundation and Espace pour la vie. The purpose of the initiative, intended exclusively for municipalities, is to implement concrete measures to restore and protect monarch habitat over the entire length of the butterfly’s migration corridor and to encourage people to get involved in its preservation.

“Aware of the need for a fast response to preserve this iconic butterfly, the City of Montréal undertook to support the program swiftly and fully,” said Laurence Lavigne Lalonde, the City’s executive committee member responsible for Espace pour la vie. “We’re very proud to be at the top of the list of participating municipalities for the number of steps we’ve already taken in Montréal. It’s wonderful news for Montrealers, who now have an opportunity to help ensure that monarchs can again thrive in Quebec and throughout North America.”
Note that to be certified as a monarch-friendly community, a municipality must complete at least 3 of 24 actions, with 8 required for Bronze certification, 15 for Silver and 24 for Gold.

“The monarch is an endangered species. Its population has declined by 90% over the last two decades,” explained Espace pour la vie’s director Charles-Mathieu Brunelle. “But we can play a major role in reversing this trend. And, like the City of Montréal and some 50 other municipalities that have already undertaken to implement a series of actions, Quebec residents are also urged to contribute. Espace pour la vie has a number of programs Quebecers can easily join to help save monarchs.”

The Suzuki Foundation also got involved right away, seeing the project as an ideal opportunity to get municipalities to follow suit. “When it’s a question of doing something concrete and effective that residents can contribute to, municipalities are definitely on the front line,” said Julie Roy, responsible for citizen engagement for the Suzuki Foundation in Quebec. Through their actions, they can create landscapes and plantings favourable to monarchs and other pollinators. Their power on the ground is undeniable! We’d especially like to salute the City of Montréal, which has shown real leadership in protecting the species and whose actions will no doubt provide inspiration to other municipalities in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada.”

For further details and the list of the 24 actions required to qualify for Gold status, visit the David Suzuki Foundation site.

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