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Researcher's Night

An entertaining, offbeat evening devoted to demystifying research!
Montréal, October 23, 2019 - 

Keep the evening of Friday, November 15 free because Espace pour la vie is organizing its first Researchers’ Night. This Montréal first takes its inspiration from European Researchers’ Night, an event that has been held for 15 years in various regions across France.


Technological advances and the state of the environment are driving researchers to think bigger, faster.
Espace pour la vie is therefore opening its doors to the general public so that you can come and meet some of them at a crazy Friday night event that will feature music and a DJ in an offbeat party atmosphere!


For the occasion, the researchers at the Biodôme, the Insectarium, the Jardin botanique and the Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan will reveal what they do at work on a daily basis, the issues they grapple with, what drives them and how they are helping to advance scientific knowledge. This is an exceptional opportunity to meet actual researchers and learn about the world they work in every day in 2019. You may be surprised by their sense of humour and wicked wit!


Science journalist and host of the activity Bon coups, bad coups! Marianne Desautels-Marissal jumped at the chance to be part of this first Researchers’ Night in Montréal. “People too often believe that science is beyond them. But when you hear scientists explain their research projects, you soon realize it’s not as hard as you thought. And this event will be the perfect opportunity to have fun, learn and interact with researchers who love what they do. Science is a fascinating adventure, and that’s what we want people to discover in a party atmosphere.”




Speed dating!

A timed face-to-face meeting. Have your questions ready!


Get a hands-on look at real lab instruments and field equipment, and chat with researchers.

Acfas space

Watch the performances of the winners of the “Ma thèse en 180 secondes” competition [the French version of Three-Minute Thesis]. Impressive isn’t the word!

GIANT Lite Brite

Let your creativity shine!

Bons coups, bad coups! [Good moves, bad moves!]

Some of our researchers will present their good – and not-so-good – moves, in 15 minutes max.


“Our four institutions form a major scientific research hub, both in Canada and internationally,” says Charles-Mathieu Brunelle, director of Espace pour la vie. “But what’s even more important are the exchanges and dialogues we engage in with the public. The researchers who’ll be attending the event are already excited about having an opportunity to share their enthusiasm and explain, in layperson’s terms, what they do at work every day. It’s a unique opportunity for them!”


Trace the History of Evolution

In 2019, Espace pour la vie will be exploring nature and biodiversity through the lens of evolution. How have phenomena taking place over thousands of years resulted in the fascinating history of life on our planet? A complex, exciting story to investigate and discover!

Espace pour la vie is made up of four attractions on the same site: the Biodôme, Insectarium, Jardin botanique and Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan. These four prestigious municipal institutions form Canada’s largest natural science museum complex. Together, they are launching a daring, creative urban movement, encouraging all of us to rethink the connection between humankind and nature and cultivate a new way of living.




WHAT:                               RESEARCHERS’ NIGHT

WHEN:                              Friday, November 15, 7 p.m. to midnight

WHERE:                            Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan, 4801, avenue Pierre-De Coubertin

ATTENDED BY:                 Nathalie Rose Le François, Michel Labrecque, Olivier Hernandez,

                                         Maxim Larrivée and some 50 other researchers

OTHER:                             Drinks available on site ($)

- 30 -

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