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Seeding and planting calendar for vegetables

Seeding and planting calendar.
Photo: Lucy Crosbie
Seed tray

The following calendar provides information on planting times for seedlings in the Montréal region.

The number of seeds per gram gives an indication of the size of the seed.

Vegetables Indoor seeding Outdoor seeding Outdoor transplanting Seeds per gram
(yellow or green)
  Late May-
Late June
Beets   Mid-May   50
Broccoli Mid-April   May 300
Brussels sprouts Mid-April   Mid to late May 300
Cabbage Mid-April   May 300-500
Cabbage (Chinese)   Early July   300
Carrots   Mid-May   700
Cauliflower Mid-April   Late May 300
Celeriac Mid-March   Mid to late May 2 500
Celery Mid-March   Mid to late May 2 500
Chard Mid-April Mid-May Mid-May 50
Chicory   Early July   600
Chives March Mid-May Early May 300-500
Corn   Mid-May   -
Cucumber Early May Late May Early June 35
Eggplant Late March   Early June 150
Garlic     October or early May -
Ground cherry Late March   Early June 300
Kohlrabi Late April  Early May  Late May 500
Leeks Early March   Early May 400
Lettuce (Head) Mid-April   Late May 800
Lettuce (Leaf) Mid-April Early May Late May 800
Muskmelon Mid to late April   Early June 35
Onions Early March Early May
(tie in bunches)
Early May 250
Parsley Early March Early May Early May 600
Parnsnip   Mid-May   220
Peas   Mid-May   2-6
Peppers Late March   Early June 150
Potatoes   Early May   -
Pumkin Early May Mid-May Early June 4
Radishes   May-June   120
Rutabaga   Mid-May   300
Salsify Mid-May     100
Shallots (Autumn)     Late August -
Shallots (Spring)     Early May -
Spinach   Mid-May   90
Tomatoes Late March- mid-April   Early June 300-400
Turnips   Mid-May   400-750
Watermelon Mid to late May   Early June 20

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