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Space for Life App
Space for Life App
  • Space for Life App
  • Space for Life App
  • Space for Life App
  • A boy uses his phone to identify an insect.
  • A young visitor uses the Insectarium's mobile application.

Simplify your visit to the Biodôme or the Insectarium thanks to our mobile application. Its wealth of content will make it easier for you to find your way in the ecosystems or the spaces.

You’ll also get to enrich your knowledge of animals, plants, insects and arthropods.

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Get your bearings in real time

The Biodôme map will help you see where you are in its five ecosystems of the Americas and locate the exploration areas.

At the Insectarium, the app’s visual recognition technology will be useful in identifying the insects you come across. The map will make it possible for you to know what point you’ve reached on the museum’s circuit.

Access exclusive content

Refer to the fact sheets to find out more about the animals, plants and insects observed. You’ll learn what their habitats, their diets and their ecological roles are.

Test your observation ability with interactive quizzes.

Meet virtual animals

Take advantage of the Biodôme’s virtual reality feature to view animals in 3D.

Don’t miss out on any activity

Keep track of our museums’ program for the day thanks to a posted list of activities.

Soon available on the app:
Jardin botanique, Planétarium and Biosphère

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