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Winter protection for trees and shrubs

Winter landscape.
Photo: Espace pour la vie (Michel Tremblay)
Winter landscape.

Snow is the best winter protection. By selecting trees and shrubs that are hardy and well suited to the site's conditions, you should not need to install winter protection, except in certain situations.

Which trees and shrubs should be protected?

  • Protect the trunks of young trees from damage by rodents by installing a white, perforated wrap or a wire mesh.
  • Protect newly planted trees and shrubs during the first winter after planting.
  • Install winter protection if trees and shrubs are at risk of damage from snow thrown by a snowblower or falling from a roof, or by exposure to salt spray, de-icing salts and prevailing winds. Ideally, avoid planting plants in these areas.
  • Protect shrubs that are at the edge of their hardiness zone.

What materials should you use?

The choice of materials depends on the type of tree or shrub that needs protection. Consult our section dedicated to winter protection by plant type.

When should you install and remove winter protection?

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