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Blooms of the week

The Rose Garden
Photo: Jardin botanique de Montréal (Michel Tremblay)
Rose Garden
  • Rose Garden
  • Rosa 'Queen Elizabeth'
  • Lilium cv.
  • Hibiscus 'Kopper King'
  • Helianthus cv.
  • Water feature with cascade in the Perennial Garden
  • Cucurbita pepo var. medullosa
  • Dahlia sp.
  • Perennial Garden
  • Alpinia purpurata

    Hospitality Greenhouse

    • Insectivorous plants (in the terrariums)
    • Flowers: red ginger, alpinias, Amazone lily, heliconias, cordyline, and more.
    • Strange fruit of the screwpine


  • Bromeliads

    Tropical Rainforest Greenhouse

    • Flowers: Bromeliads, orchids, and more.  
    • Colourful leafs carpet the ground and Spanish moss serves as a backdrop
    • Calathea warscewisczii, Calathea crotalifera
    • Shooting stars, mexican shrimp plant, lollypop plant, Mysore clock vine, fittonias, etc.


  • Citrus reticulata

    Tropical Food Plants Greenhouse

    • Fruits: citrus fruits, banana tree, starfruit tree, macadamia nut tree, coffee tree, melindjo, papaya and jackfruit.
    • Flowers: soursop tree, rose apple tree, etc.
  • Cymbidium (Gorey 'Trinity' AM/RHS x Maufant 'Rozel' FCC/RHS).

    Orchids and Aroids Greenhouse


    • Spectacularly shaped and coloured orchids; a natural masterpiece!
    • Some aroids are also in bloom, such as tailflowers and peace lilies.
  • General view of the Ferns Greenhouse

    Ferns Greenhouse

    • Staghorn ferns
    • Tree ferns
    • Beautiful plant walls
  • Begonia 'Richmondensis'

    Begoniaceae and Gesneriads Greenhouse

    • Foliage of various shapes, textures and colours.
    • Colourful blooms: basket plant, begonias, kholeria, sinningia, aeschynanthus, passiflora and more. 
    • Beautiful plant walls.
  • Arid Regions Greenhouse

    Arid Regions Greenhouse


    • Fruits: pricklypear, Texas nipple cactus and cudjoewood.
    • Cone of the encephalartos
    • Flowers: crown of thorns, aloe, star cactus, 
    • Agave americana, Agave attenuata and old man of Mexico
  • Overview of the Hacienda


    • In the window: strange living stones 
    • Large Cycads 
    • African milk tree
  • Penjings in the Garden of Weedlessness

    Garden of Weedlessness

    • Penjings (miniaturized trees in pots) in winter
    • Himalayan cedar, glaucous bamboo
    • Diospyros and Ebbing's silverberry in fruit 
    • In flower: wintersweet, camelia...
  • Calliandra haematocephala.

    Main Exhibition Greenhouse

    The Main Exhibition Greenhouse is opened February 24 to April 24 for the new exposition Garden of oddness

    Carnivorous plants and unusual plants

    Plant wall, plans of the Amarylladaceae family, Calliandra, etc.