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Welcome to Andie's Garden!

I have been tending this garden for two years since my mother, Andie, died in 2020. Before then, her and my father transformed the land around their house (plus the rental property next door) into a little oasis in the city. And I'm talking replacing asphalt with in ground garden beds now rich with years of household compost.

During the two years that I have been tending to the garden I have worked on two farms, started studying urban agriculture as well as medicinal plants, and I also look into biodiversity, carbon sequestration, heat island effects, and how to help pollinators. I have grown obsessed with learning about indigenous plants and tracking them on my iNaturalist account. The current state of the garden is a cumulation of all of this knowledge and effort.

The back and sides of the house are mostly perennial shade plants. The front of the rental property (2109) consists of milkweed, indigenous nectar-producing plants, and tall decorative grasses. The front of our residence (2119) is an in-ground crop rotating edible bed with: flowering fennel, root vegetables, herbs, flowers, garlic, rappini, sunflowers, tomatoes, etc..

There are always so many live creatures around from bees and other bugs to squirrels, groundhogs, and skunks (when they are not being chased off by the 10+ cats that stroll through.)

I am very grateful for the privilege I have to be able to work with this piece of land to hopefully contribute positively to my local environment!

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