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    J'ai toujours aimé les fleurs et j'en cultive depuis de nombreuses années. Mon jardin, je l'améliore depuis 10 ans. C'est mon loisir préféré et je fait des recherches pendant l'hiver, consulte mes notes, etc. Malgré sa petite taille, j'y ai planté une grande variété de vivaces, quelques annuelles dont des tithonias mexicains, capucines, pensées, bégonias, petit potager (tomates, concombres,...
    I wanted to create a space to attract and protect butterflies and bees. I am enjoying the diversity of blooms. So far, I have mostly bees and a some smaller butterflies, but did spot several monarchs this year. It's a work in progress.
    I wanted to support the ecosystem and play a small but important part in rectifying the crisis of biodiversity loss. I enjoy the beauty of the garden, I love seeing all of the pollinator visitors and enjoy the food.
    I have been gardening for many years. This year my garden took on a new meaning as the war in Ukraine raged on. With such horrible news coming out of Ukraine daily, I found peace and hope watching my sunflowers grow and attract butterflies, bees and other creatures. The sunflowers are huge and have reached my kitchen window allowing me to look at their beauty every morning. But they don’t stand...
    The love of gardening, flowers , birds, insect all wildlife.
    I started out having a interest of Monarch butterflies in 2018 and I sought out to better understand what flowers that would attract Monarchs including colors they like and flowers with high nectar. I have now put raised beds in my front yard replacing my lawn. My yard is also a Monarch Waystation.
    I’ve always worked on my garden, expanding it and trying to find plants that will be successful in it. (It is quite shady and seems to have become more so over the years. I’d love to have lots of dahlias and other showy cutting flowers but they just won’t bloom due to lack of sun.) I started feeding the birds five years ago after giving a bird feeder to my sister-in-law as a housewarming gift....
    L’école de Montarville a décidé de faire son premier jardin en 2022. Cette initiative fut un vif succès! Les élèves, les parents et le personnel de l’école ont participé activement à toutes les étapes de la conception de ce magnifique jardin. Ce fut un projet rassembleur qui a permis aux enfants de faire plusieurs apprentissages tels que la planification, l’observation, faire des semis et en...
    Greenfield Park
    This year we chose to do a smaller garden that we usually do, and make the most impact with fewer types of plants. We planted our usual heirloom peppers, tomatoes and tomatillos which provided months of salsa and salsa verde! We focused more on enriching the soil and planting perrenial medicinal herbs, flowers and bush plants. We added three new raspberry canes which surprised us by fruiting the...
    Avoir un jardin déjà toute jeune voulait dire de la nourriture fraîche en abondance tout l’été et par la suite des conserves en hiver. Je le préparais avec mes parents et j’y trouvais un partage de connaissances, de moments d’échanges, une sérénité et une fierté de voir les semis se transformer en nourriture qu’on pouvait échanger entre voisins et amis. J’ai continué à faire des jardins avec un...