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  • July 21, 2017

Have you heard about the Mission Monarch Blitz?

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Photo: Insectarium de Montréal (André Sarrazin)
Have you heard about the Mission Monarch Blitz?

What is Mission Monarch?

It’s a research project launched by the Montréal Insectarium in 2016 in response to the disturbing decline in monarch populations across North America. The project pools the efforts of scientists and citizens to help protect monarch habitats. Members of the public are invited to become part of the solution, by looking for the milkweed plants that are essential to the butterflies’ survival!

How can you join the Mission Monarch Blitz?

Just register on the ( website. Then get out and look for milkweed plants and check for monarch caterpillars on them. Even if you don’t see any monarchs, the information you submit is very important to the researchers, as it will let them compare the potential of different habitats.  Then record your observations on the Mission Monarch website. 

You’ll also find ID sheets there showing you what to look for, and a video explaining your mission.

If you enjoy helping out in this way, you can collect data from the time milkweed appears in spring until the monarchs leave in fall.

Find out more, on the site.

Ready, set, search!


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