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Shiny spider beetle

Mezium affine

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These beetles, like the other members of the Anobiidae family, can easily be mistaken for spiders – hence the name. But they definitely have six legs, not eight. The shiny elytra are orange-brown, and the head, thorax and legs are covered in dense, short hair. They have droplet-shaped bodies 2.5 to 3.5 mm long, and long antennae.

The somewhat crescent-shaped larvae are yellowish and hairy. They measure up to 4.5 mm long.

Life cycle

Shiny spider beetles produce only one generation a year, although they can reach the adult stage fairly quickly (in seven weeks, with optimal temperatures). The females lay 50 to 100 eggs early in the summer. The larvae emerge after two weeks and develop for about six weeks before turning into nymphs, and then adults.

Geographic distribution

Shiny spider beetles may have originated in Africa, and are now found all over the world outside of Asia.

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