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Un jardin qui fait du bien

Photo: Space for Life (Mathieu Rivard)
Great Gardening Weekend

To celebrate spring and the gardening season, Space for Life presents its Virtual Horticultural Conferences, a series of short online conferences in which Québec experts will share with you their expertise for cultivating “A garden that feels good". Whether you want to grow vegetables or flowers and other plants that promote biodiversity in your gardens and vegetable gardens, in the city or in the countryside, our specialists share with you their sound advice for making your homes more green!

The conferences

A vegetable garden on the balcony

Whether in the ground or in pots on a balcony, a vegetable garden is easily achievable. Larry Hodgson gives us advice on how to properly prepare and maintain your vegetable garden so as to produce a good harvest of fresh vegetables for you and your family!

The speaker’s biography

Larry Hogdson

Larry Hodgson, also known as the Jardinier paresseux, is a horticultural columnist, speaker and author of over 50 horticultural books. His award-winning blog has close to 5 million views a year..

Photo: France Bouchard Artiste-photographe

Planning an urban vegetable garden

This workshop will allow gardeners to start the season off right! Design ideas for all kinds of gardens, in addition to advice for prepping the soil, choosing the right plants and maintaining the vegetable garden throughout the season.

Conference organized in collaboration with Cultiver Montréal.

The speaker’s biography

Laurence Fauteux

Laurence Fauteux is Director of Grand Potager, an urban agriculture center in Montréal. Over the last decade or so, she has contributed to the creation and development of several urban agriculture projects, with a continued focus on citizen mobilization and knowledge sharing.

Photo: Laurence Fauteux

My biodiverse garden: gardening for biodiversity

Urban gardening is a perfect hobby for reconnecting with nature! Here is a workshop where urban agriculture teams up with gardening for biodiversity. Growing edible plants for humans and animals: it's possible!

Conference organized in collaboration with Cultiver Montréal.

The speaker’s biography

Stéphanie Pellerin

Stéphanie Pellerin is Project Manager in environmental education at VertCité. Passionate about entomology and urban nature, she communicates her passion to the population by raising awareness about the environment and nature in the city.

Photo: Stéphanie Pellerin

Clémence ballet

Design / production support: Clémence Ballet is Project Manager in urban agriculture at VertCité. Her focal points: the accessibility to fresh and local produce, the greening of cities and the creation of social ties.

Photo: Clémence Ballet

Do you want to learn more about gardening?

Here is some useful information and sound advice for planning your garden.

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