Get your greenspace certified

The Emerald Garden © Carole Robitaille
Get your greenspace certified

Would you like to have your ecologically responsible gardening and efforts for biodiversity recognized? The Montréal Space for Life offers you the chance to have your patch of greenery certified, through its My Space for Life Garden program.

Join the movement!

We already introduced you to the new My Space for Life Garden program in a previous blog. This participatory project encourages citizens to create a greenspace dedicated to monarch butterflies, birds or indigenous flora at home, with a view to improving biodiversity in our cities. We have seen a lot of interest in this project, and 24 gardens have already been certified! Find out more about them by visiting the Gardenaut Gallery. Just like the Jardin d’Émeraude, the Oasis Larivière or the Jardin d’expérimentation Guy-Drummond, you can have your own backyard, garden or balcony certified. Simply fill out the registration form on our website and send us photos showing compliance with the criteria set by our specialists (minimum two photos).

Show your commitment!

Panneau Mon jardin Espace pour la vie © Espace pour la vie

Convinced that your actions help the cause of biodiversity? To show your commitment, buy a My Space for Life Garden certification sign for $30 and put it up in your garden or in front of your home. In doing so, you’ll also be donating to the Montréal Space for Life Foundation. As it is valid for three years, you can order now and receive a sticker to put on your sign as soon as your certification is confirmed. Everyone is welcome to join the Space for Life Gardens movement! This project was made​ possible thanks to financial support of the Conférence régionale des élus (CRÉ) and the Secrétariat à la région métropolitaine. Also read: My Space for Life Garden

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