Party time for the monarch

Credit: Jaime Rojo
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Party time for the monarch

On August 25 and 26, the Insectarium will be hosting the first annual get-together for lovers of the most celebrated of butterflies. Welcome to Monarch Fiesta!

A long love story

For more than 25 years the Insectarium has been able to count on the involvement of citizens from all over the province for support in its monarch butterfly conservation activities. In 2017, Montréal itself made a commitment to meeting the challenges of the North American “Mayors Monarch Pledge” program. It can’t be denied: the orange-colored butterfly touches hearts and moves people to get involved on its behalf.

A whole continent behind the monarch

And this wonderful story isn’t unique! Everywhere in North America along the butterfly’s migratory corridor, citizens, organizations and scientists are collaborating and sharing their discoveries. Festivals are happening from north to south, and Monarch Fiesta is part of that movement. Not just that, it’s launching the season of celebrations accompanying the monarch on its journey to its wintering sites in Mexico.

A festive programming

Monarch Fiesta is a big celebration for the entire family. Games, crafts, face painting, storytelling, music and more are all on the agenda. It’s also the opportunity to make inspiring encounters: a photographer, musicians, engaged citizens and scientists are all eager to share their passion. At the end of the day, the Little Monarch Parade, children disguised as butterflies and accompanied by musicians beating time, will be a guaranteed delight for onlookers! Especially since these pretty butterflies, barely out of caterpillar phase, are the citizens of tomorrow. The ones that will be concerning themselves with the future of our beautiful nature, of which the monarch is part.

Monarch Fiesta

25-26 août 2018

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2 Comment(s)
Nancy bourdeau's picture
Nancy bourdeau

I have seen 3 monarchs this week in Brossard, I see them every year when you release them. Thank you for ll you do! Meanwhile today I have had the visit of 3 small blue butterflies. I have never seen them before. I think they are Karner Blues? Beautiful! Wings light blue in flight and under the wings they are beige-light brown with orange and black spots. Would love to know if others have reported this too?