How do we interest young people in science and the environment?

At the Biosphère, the brand-new Ecolab will bring out budding scientists!
Credit: Space for Life/Mélanie Dusseault
À la Biosphère, le tout nouvel Écolab fera ressortir les scientifiques en herbe!
  • À la Biosphère, le tout nouvel Écolab fera ressortir les scientifiques en herbe!
  • À la Biosphère, les jeunes peuvent s'initier à la méthode scientifique
  • En tant que musée entièrement consacré aux liens entre société et environnement, la Biosphère se dédie à la sensibilisation du public aux enjeux environnementaux et à la mobilisation des
  • Inscrire ses enfants à un des camps de jour scientifique comme ceux d’Espace pour la vie est une excellente porte d’entrée pour les initier à la science et à la nature.
  • Les avions planeurs s’inspirent de la morphologie des albatros pour garantir un maximum d’aérodynamisme.
  • Des scientifiques ont développé une combinaison de natation qui réduisait la résistance à l’eau inspirée de la peau des requins. En haut, une véritable peau de requin au microscope, en bas, le matériel fabriqué pour la conception des combinaisons de natat
How do we interest young people in science and the environment?

Science is everywhere

It’s true, science is everywhere around us and in our day-to-day lives: it’s the chemistry in desserts, the sourdough in bread, the fermentation of fruit… It’s also discovering mathematics and the Fibonacci number in the petals of flowers or the shell of a snail. In a word, science surrounds us – so how do we interest our young people in it?

By using their inborn curiosity, is how; by making them aware of the impact of their daily activities; by involving them in causes that matter to them – that’s a few ideas right there!

Heightening curiosity

Scientists are keen observers, and examine nature around them in order to draw inspiration from it. That’s called biomimicry, or how nature inspires new solutions. Meaning, science and environment go hand in hand!

Did you know that after studying shark skin, scientists developed a swimsuit that reduced water resistance, allowing users to swim faster?

Did you know that gliders are inspired by the structure of albatrosses to guarantee maximum aerodynamics?

Young people are already exposed to science: all that needs doing is to make them realize it! At the Biosphère, the brand-new Ecolab will bring out budding scientists. Adults as well as children can visit and get an introduction to the scientific method. Let’s start by asking ourselves simple questions like “why” or “how”: the answer can sometimes be surprising!

Assessing our impact

Asking ourselves questions about the environment that surrounds and inspires us isn’t everything: it’s also interesting to understand the impact of our daily lives on the planet. Have you ever tried calculating your ecological footprint with your children? How many planets would be needed if all humans lived like you? This exercise makes it possible to appreciate, for example, that consuming more plant proteins or getting around more by bicycle are concrete actions that have a significant impact on the health of our planet.

Innovating and getting involved

Attend an ethical fashion show with your teenagers, encourage them to get involved with a Sustainable Future Festival, or challenge your family to find substitutes for disposable plastic objects at home. Let’s innovate for nature’s sake!

Another way of introducing them to science while arousing curiosity is community science. It allows those interested to take part in research projects without having scientific training. In addition, contributing to the wellbeing of the planet and the development of scientific knowledge provides a sense of being where the action is! Another great example is Mission Monarch. Check with your children whether monarch caterpillars can be found on the leaves of your milkweed plant. It’s useful for science, and fun at the same time.

A family outing to a science museum or Space for Life can trigger passions in young people that will last their whole life through. Day camps are also an excellent gateway for an introduction to science and to nature.

Take action!

Do you have leadership skills and want to act for the planet? Help all the members of your family discover how interesting science is and how it brings solutions to environmental problems. Activate your creativity and become involved with environmental organizations. When you convey the pleasure of science to younger generations, you’ll be making a difference.

A rich program of educational activities proposed by our animation teams is offered to youth and teachers of all levels:

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