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Insects and other arthropods

Marsh meadow grasshopper

Chorthippus curtipennis

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These crickets may be various shades of yellow, green and brown. Their legs are often reddish, with black joints on the hindlegs.

The males are smaller than the females: 12 to 20 mm long for the males and 20 to 35 for the females. The males’ wings are long, reaching to the tip of the abdomen, while the wings of the flightless females cover only three-quarters of the abdomen. They have fairly short, thread-like antennae.

Life cycle

The males stridulate, producing a sound to attract a mate. The females respond with a slightly different stridulation.

After mating, the female lays a mass of four to six brown eggs in the soil. The eggs overwinter and hatch the following spring (or up to three years later in mountain populations). The nymphs pass through several moults over about 30 days before reaching adulthood.

Geographic distribution

These grasshoppers are found in all Canadian provinces and most American states, except in the southeast.

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