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TOP 5 tips for plant sisterhood


Increase the diversity and resilience of your garden by putting in several types of plants side by side. Here are 5 tips for experimenting with beneficial combinations of garden cultivation.


Like attracts like

Group plants that have similar growing needs (water, soil, sunshine, compost).

TOP 5 tips for plant sisterhood


Maximize space

Play with plants according to their shapes and heights. Here is a layout inspired by the three sisters (corn, beans, squash).

TOP 5 tips for plant sisterhood


Experiment to find the right neighbors

There is no miracle recipe. The “good-neighbourliness” of plants depends on a host of factors specific to your garden. Experiment with combinations and take note of your hits and misses for next year.

TOP 5 tips for plant sisterhood


Adopt living mulch

Covering the soil preserves humidity and reduces weeding. If your ground cover is alive and edible, you’ll have one more crop to enjoy! Garden the space between plants and under fruit trees or shrubs.

TOP 5 tips for plant sisterhood


Observe before you act…

Adopt a detective’s perspective. When a pest appears, wait to see if it sticks to a single plant and learn to recognize the presence of its natural predators or parasitoids before using control methods.

It takes a lifetime to get to know your garden by encouraging natural dynamics. How lucky you will be to witness its evolution (and yours) over time!

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