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Study of mobility on Jardin botanique site

Study of mobility on Jardin botanique site

As the Jardin botanique’s 100th anniversary approaches and with a view to defining the new vision and main directions that will influence the priorities and design of future development work for the next 10 years, management is undertaking a study of mobility on its site.

A project to upgrade the garden’s main access road is now under way. The first stage will involve analysing the state of pedestrian, bike and other traffic that use the various roads and trails through the garden on a daily basis.

Data collection

The movements of everyone who travels within the limits of the Jardin botanique from mid-September to mid-December and who has a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone will be included in the study.

Electronic devices installed at various locations will capture the movement of users on the site. Rest assured that these data collection methods will not record any personal data, take any photos or video images or allow any individual or vehicle to be identified.

This mobility study is part of a vast project designed to clearly define and set out the size and scope of functional, operational and technical development needs and identify the best scenario with respect to the mobility of all Jardin botanique users.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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