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Orientations for the development of scientific collections

Scientific collection of mounted butterflies.
Photo: Espace pour la vie (Ekaterina Konioukhova)
Collection of mounted butterflies.

Extract from the Policy on Collections

The Montréal Insectarium has created orientations that address the development of its scientific collections, in order to reinforce its role as an entomology reference for Québec and for certain taxa, in a way that is complementary with existing collections at many other organizations and museums. Moreover, although collections are stored under optimum conditions at the Centre sur la biodiversité de l’Université de Montréal, storage space is limited.

The Insectarium’s acquisitions are primarily oriented towards:

  1. Specimens from Québec (and Canada), in order to create a synoptic overview of Québec’s insects.
  2. Species that complete representation of a taxonomic group that is already substantial in the Insectarium’s collections.
  3. Species that are not currently represented among the Insectarium’s taxonomic groups and collections.
  4. Species that are not currently represented in the major entomological collections from Québec and Canada or are only represented by a few specimens.
  5. Priority will be given to series of type specimens.
  6. Priority will be given to specimens identified by species over specimens whose identification past genus has not been established.
  7. Specimens identified by a specialist are preferable to specimens identified by a non-specialist.

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