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Maintenance of the vegetable garden

Gardening tools.
Photo: Jardin botanique de Montréal (Michel Tremblay)
Gardening tools

Pull weeds out as soon as they appear. Hoe and clean regularly to enable water infiltration, and sprinkle abundantly, preferably in the morning, and in depth during heatwaves and droughts. Using mulch (plastic, straw, woodchips, garden fabrics, etc.) between rows and around plants reduces weeding time and helps to keep the soil moist.

For a better yield, to avoid deficiencies and to prevent disease, it is important to practice crop rotation. This technique consists of not growing the same vegetables in the same place for more than two consecutive years.

Some plants grow better in the company of certain others. This kind of companionship or plant association is an increasingly popular practice in developing vegetable gardens.

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