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Leaf-footed bugs


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In southern Quebec, leaf-footed bugs are usually small, stocky, dull-coloured bugs. The membrane of their forewings is marked with parallel veins.

In tropical species, the tibiae on the hind legs are sometimes very broad and leaf-shaped, hence their common name of leaf-footed bugs.

When disturbed, some of these insects release a foul-odoured substance similar to that emitted by stink bugs, produced by glands on the thorax.

The adults are 10 to 20 mm long.

Life cycle

Like other Hemipterans, leaf-footed bugs undergo incomplete metamorphosis. The young look like smaller versions of the adults, but they do not have functional wings and are unable to reproduce.

After mating, the female solidly attaches her eggs to the underside of a leaf. In Quebec, some adults may overwinter until the following spring. Depending on the species and on where they live, there may be one or more generations a year.

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