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Evergreen candytuft

  • Lawns and Ground Covers
Evergreen candytuft.
Photo: Jardin botanique de Montréal (Gilles Murray)
Iberis sempervirens



Origin and description

Mounding habit
Blooms: white, May-June
Foliage: green, persisting
Height: 15-30 cm
Spacing: 40-60 cm

Common name

Evergreen candytuft

Latin name (genus)

Iberis sempervirens

English common name

French common name

Botanical family

  • Brassicaceae

Growing conditions

Exposure: full sun, partial shade

Pruning and maintenance

Cut stems to within a few centimeters of the soil if they dry out after blooming.


Borders - Rock gardens - Low walls - Ground covers

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