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Exhibitions to see at the Biodôme

New welcoming and distinctive spaces

It's hard to imagine the intense activity that goes on behind the scenes at the Biodôme. In fact, to recreate nature as faithfully as possible and ensure the well-being of the plants and animals, a small army of experts and scientists are hard at work in the wings. It takes all kinds of effort, energy and attention to ensure optimal conditions for the animals at the Montréal Biodôme. To achieve this, the Biodôme team must use all sorts of tools, instruments and strategies that go unnoticed by the public. But not for long, because on the new mezzanine, two distinct experiences allow visitors to better understand the daily challenges our teams face.

At the exit of the ecosystems, there is also the exhibition "It's Time to Act", which presents inspiring initiatives from around the world. Something for the whole family!

And to complete the visit nicely, the Discovery Room is perfect for the jack-of-all-trades who wants to understand it all. Well worth the detour!

The Biodôme's Bio-machine

Visitors who want to take a peek behind the scenes of the Biodôme have a unique opportunity to take on the role of "Operator" of the Biodôme's ecosystem control station. Using an ingenious multimedia interface that displays the different life support systems, their mission is to maintain proper water, air and light conditions in the ecosystems throughout the day and year. With the help of cursors, joysticks and buttons, they need to adjust abiotic factors (i.e. non-living factors that influence living conditions) of the ecosystem they have chosen. Fascinating! And to think that nature does this—and much more—all by itself!

Discovery Wall

Here, there are as many questions as there are answers. For example, how do you keep animals healthy, happy and well fed? How do you convince turtles to hibernate in winter? From one station to the next, visitors discover the many jobs involved as well as the tips and tricks used by the various teams at the Biodôme. Get to work, answer questions, and enjoy fun experiences in this interactive exhibition.

It’s Time to Act, an inspiring exhibition

Around the world, ordinary people, groups, businesses and governments are taking action to improve the state of the planet. The exhibition It's Time to Act highlights positive actions for the environment to provides real-life examples... that should be followed, of course!

Discovery Room

This space is exciting for the whole family! As they make their way through the room, visitors discover the multiple adaptation strategies that species use within an ever-changing nature. In addition to learning how to compare bird beaks or examining a feather under a microscope, young and old alike are invited to stroke the fur of an otter, feel the weight of a whale vertebra and observe its teeth.

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