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Nature near you

Nature near you

A new activity in your neighborhood

During the summer season, Montréal Space for Life is heading your way to celebrate nature near you through the City of Montréal and the metropolitan community's parks and public spaces. Throughout the summer, the Space for Life team will ease the observation and exploration of these sites that we encounter on a daily basis, sometimes without paying attention. Like docents in art museums, presenters will invite participants to focus on the nature that surrounds them. Plants, animals, insects, minerals, atmospheric phenomena and stars will be the works of art in this open-air museum, shifting from scientific observation to poetic inspiration. A great opportunity to reconnect with nature in these sites that form so many spaces for life!

Harnessing the senses to better observe

Many of us know by heart the logos of major brands and advertising slogans, we notice the business elements around us. But what about the stars, trees, flowers, birds or insects? By listening, breathing in the scents and opening your eyes wide, it's a safe bet that you will see the park next to your home in a new light.


  • All summer, until September 6
  • From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in a park or public space in Montréal and the metropolitan community
  • Thursday to Sunday
  • Canceled in case of bad weather.

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