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Children at day camps thanks to the Jérôme-Brisson-Curadeau Bursary

Children participate in a Space for Life day camp activity
Photo: Espace pour la vie (Martine Larose)
Two girls look at nature through binoculars at the Jardin Botanique de Montréal

Espace pour la vie offers day camps that specialize in natural sciences and environment to youngsters aged 7 to 12. Participants learn while having fun, are in close contact with nature, and develop respectful attitudes towards it.

Jérôme-Brisson-Curadeau Bursary

The program of the Space for Life Foundation’s Jérôme-Brisson-Curadeau Bursary enables children from disadvantaged neighborhoods to attend Espace pour la vie day camps. Every year, the passion of little Jérôme, a nature lover who passed aware tragically at the age of nine, comes to new life when hundreds of youngsters receive the gift of nature by way of this bursary.

Selection process for young bursary recipients

The selection process for young bursary recipients is handled by our partner, the organization A Montréal School for All (AMSFA), whose mission is to contribute to the educational success of all Montréal students from disadvantaged areas by taking their needs and resources into account. AMSFA builds on the expertise developed in collaboration with its partners, and its actions are intended to reduce the gap in achievement between students from underprivileged areas and those from more advantaged ones. It thereby contributes to carrying out the mission of Québec schools, from the perspective of social justice. AMSFA works with schools where there is a high deprivation index.

Each year, AMSFA invites school administrations to identify the young students who would be entitled to a bursary. School staff, who have a relationship of trust with the youngsters and their families while at the same time having a good knowledge of their reality, are in the best position to make that selection. The selection is based on different criteria, and allows for choosing children on whom the camps will have the greatest impact.

School personnel make sure to choose the children who will benefit the most from being exposed to stimulating activities during the summer, as well as enjoying outdoor, scientific and cultural facilities and activities. In that light, we allow the young recipients to take advantage of the bursary on more than one occasion, and we favor the inclusion of siblings. Day camps are in French only.

Espace pour la vie is not involved in the selection process, but its camp team, which is responsible for programming, sees to it that everyone, whether the recipient of a bursary or not, is part of a large group of children united in the pleasure of attending the camps.

Give generously!

Help change reality for numerous young Montrealers from disadvantaged backgrounds by contributing to the Jérôme-Brisson-Curadeau Bursary! Your entire donation will help youngsters get closer to nature.

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